Katherine Sheehan

I have always been fascinated with animals. One of my earliest memories is of creating elaborate drawings based on the engravings of birds and animals I saw in the dictionary. From Apteryx to quagga, I was captivated by all of them. As an adult, I have continued my observations of nature through my visual work.

Inspired by the imagery of mourning, my work is an elegy to what is irrevocably gone, and what is disappearing in the natural world. Historical natural history images entertained and educated viewers about animals, plants, and places they had never seen. My work is a contemporary natural history chronicle, illustrating the vanished and the soon to vanish. The sheer unbridled abundance of the natural world can be overwhelming to us, but we are inextricably connected to this order of things, bound by the same universal laws. We are not separate from nature. We are nature. My art reminds the viewer of the richness and fragility of the natural world, and the intertwined fate of man and the environment.